Hotel Watergang

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Did you know...

only 10 bus minutes from Amsterdam Central Station you can enjoy a huge area with historic Dutch waters and villages ?

We rent out Canadian Canoes for 2 adults or 3 children or a combination, per Canoe, to explore the Wetlands just North of Amsterdam Central.

Un untouched area that covers over 200km2, including unique villages with authentic Dutch houses, bridges, churches and more 18th century architecture, which can all be explored by Canoe and Kayak.

We provide water maps for that, so you won't miss out on the best spots.

And since Holland is flat, you will always see a church tower which shows you the way.

Beautiful scenery, total quietness, lovely animals, the sound of softly splashing water, great spots for picknicks where one can only come by Canoe. Ancient tiny small Dutch villages.

So did you know? Within 10 minutes distance you have the city center, Dam square, Red Light district.......and 18th century Holland with total peace and of both worlds indeed. This is one of the most unique outdoor activities you will find, and beats a trip to Giethoorn easily.


-to rent the canoes yourself, including waterproof containers for your phone, camera, wallet, maps, life vests, it's 10 euro per canoe or kajak (kayak are for 1 person) for the first hour plus 5 euro for every next hour, with a maximum of 30 euro per day per boat.

For reservations of canoe rental or any extra info just give me a call at +31620 394 895 (from Dutch phone: 0620 394 895), or send me an email. I will always reply within 12 hours, but more often sooner than that. And I will send you easy to follow directions, it's only one ride of 10 minutes from central.

If you would like to book a guided tour including picknick, go to

Thank you, and see you soon.